Specialized Counseling for Women
Specialized Counseling for Women

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New Dawn Wellness Group provides specialized care and support for women and their families coping with and improving reproductive and perinatal health.


We understand the high stress of starting a family, pregnancy and postpartum. We want you to be aware of the bio-psycho-social factors. We know that mood and anxiety can shift to levels you have never experienced. It can be frightening to feel out of control at a time when you wish to be in total control. A support sytem may exist around you, we will guide you to best utilize your supports. We are here to provide a place for you and your partner to turn. 


Collaboration of care with OBGYNs, high risk OBs, reproductive endocronologists, midwives, primary care physicians, psychiatrists, pediatricians, support groups, postpartum depression specialists, doulas, hospital staff and pastoral care.


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